Garage Door Repairs – Necessity or Risk


Building a garage often adds value to real estate as it attracts the interest of a premium category of prospective property owners and their bargain price. As a matter of fact, most property developers capitalize on garage space when they are concerned about better value at the time of garage door repair.

Today, most property owners use garage space for keeping technical junk, and hosting sales of their old belongings which could even engage neighbors who don’t have garage space in the business of recycling what they don’t use. This is far from the original purpose of a garage which keeps salon or jeep cars, trucks, and other vehicles away from sunlight and other harsh risks or hazards in the neighbourhood for garage door repair.

Most property owners prefer remotely controlled automatic garage doors as it saves them the trouble of stepping down from their vehicles before driving in. However, automatic or manual doors have their age of wear and tear and hence would often need maintenance and repairs.In a house where car users often park in the garage, they would be more concerned about fixing the doors when faulty – as this relates to the security of their cars and convenience.

Remotely controlled automatic garage doors pose a concern when a lever is broken, as they become a burden to use. In this case, it might just be a more convenient idea to park outside more often.On the other hand, if it’s a manual door, most garage users might start considering converting their garage space to warehouse.

After working on the car, then you find a big oil stain on the driveway.
Leave it overnight, and rinse it off in the morning, reapply and brush it with a bristle broom in cases of stubborn stains.

Troubleshooting Checklist
• Check Sensors: Safety sensors present are part of the design to prevent the garage door from opening and closing when any object is found in the path of the sensor beam. This prevents potentially dangerous events from happening. Endeavour to check whether the beam is blocked. Garage door sensors might as well be dirty and need to be wiped free from dust. They may not be aligned and this might need repair by a garage door professional.
• Check all Operators:Though it sounds simple, many times, the battery might just be dead in your car remote. In that case, the garage door needs be activated from the wall unit. If your car remote light flashes often in a strange manner when activated, and it displays a diagnostic code. You can decipher this using the instructions in the user manual.

Evaluation Tips For Garage Door Repair and Installation Companies


Finding the right company for garage door repair and installation can be simpler when you know the qualities you should be looking for. The garage door tends to be one of the biggest mechanical systems of your house, and it can be one among the strongest central points of your house too. It is imperative that you select a reputed company which will offer you with a garage door that will get the impact you want and last for many years ahead.

Top Qualities of Garage Door Repair and Installation Company
Speak to neighbors and friends. Even in the age of technology, still word of mouth tends to be one of the most excellent advertising methods. Someone who is delighted with a company who did a garage door repair or installation will quickly share the info with pleasure. Customer satisfaction can really be a solid indicator of the high quality of an installation and repair company.

Keep a comprehensive list of all suggestions that you acquire and any which you have found yourself. Visit BBB to find ratings of different garage door installation companies – the website doesn’t have the complete picture of quality of an installation company, but can be a great starting point.
Dig deep. The web has made it simpler to find out the information we require, but it might not tell the entire story. Even the review sites might not hold the reality about garage door installation companies. Ask the chosen company directly for list of some references, and request them to include one customer at least that had any complaint in order that you can spot how the company resolved them. Looking below the surface will offer you a better thought about the integrity and quality of the installation company.

Visit the location of the company. A company having a storefront will frequently have a greater financial stability and longer established record. A business history could reveal the company’s strength and let you trust in warranties and other key promises made in contracts.

Visit references. Make appointments to visit a few locations where the garage doors have been repaired or installed, and speak to the homeowners regarding how the installation or repair was handled. Keep in mind, you’re trying to acquire a comprehensive picture in order that you can guard your house and your investments by getting a design of the skills and technical abilities of the company which you’re considering.

Finding somebody to do the job on your house is a procedure wherein you invest energy and time. Your house is one among the biggest investments you’ll ever make and finding out installation companies and contractors that have a strong business history, excellent customer service, and proven track records will let you to protect your biggest investment.

Look around for stories about companies that you’re considering, but dig deep for a better picture of the companies. Speak to family and friends, and look out for references. Learn all you can to determine if they’ve the qualities you are looking for when choosing a garage door repair and installation company.



When it comes to garage door repairs, nothing always count out at all. There are uncommon issues that require just as much attention as the common issues. Additionally, while there are times when you may be compelled to take it upon yourself to fix the problem, there are many reasons it may be the best action taken to leave the garage door repair up to the professionals.

Sometimes, garage doors totally fail to work due to dead transmitter battery cells. As obvious as this may sound during the garage door repair, garage door transmitters need power in order to fully attain their intended purpose. So, if in any case your transmitter is dead, then no signal will be sent to your garage door to open. If the transmitter on the wall inside your garage still opens your garage door when pressed, then your car’s transmitter just needs a simple battery replacement. Changing the battery on your garage door transmitter is quite a simple task. Often, you simply slide the door open on the back of the transmitter and remove the battery. However, others may be screwed in to keep the battery cells more secure and intact. Once the battery cells are in place, test the transmitter and if it works, replace the transmitter door.

There could be issues that might be causing your transmitter not to work well. The most common reason could be that you are simply out of range of your garage door during the garage door repair. Try waiting until you hit your transmitter button, and you should have more success opening your garage on the first try. However, when in range and nothing happens, check to make sure that the antenna is hanging down from the motor inside the garage and nothing is blocking it. Also, inspect the antenna for any signs of damage.

Greatest advantage is in case you want then you can go for the electric garage opener to serve your purpose. In this case, while you need to park the vehicle as well as take out the vehicle, you will not need to get it down from the vehicle. It is definitely the best great facility of electric up & over garage doors. But when you are planning to go in for installation of the garage doors, definitely you have to hire the experts that will install as well as provide right guidance for the maintenance. There’s no doubt about importance of the garage for maintenance as well as upkeep of the car or other kind of the vehicle. In this you’ve choice as well as availability of the wide variety of the garage designs as well as types. There’re those made from concrete and there are one that made from steel. There’s even the type of the sectional and independent ones made from wood. However, there is an aspect, which is very common in these – garage door. Mechanism and operation isn’t merely important for passage of vehicle coming in & going out. It is also the sort of the protection and the safeguard against break-in and attempt of burglary.

Off Drums Garage Door Cables


Tension is applied via torsion springs to cables, which roll on the circular spools known as drums. In case you have ever looked at the garage door and seen cables not under the tension you might have off drums garage door cables. Why do the garage door cables go off drums? Mostly cables slip because of natural causes such as wear and tear, whereas other times it’s the result of inappropriate garage door maintenance or operation. The cables are under lots of tension. Never try to fix garage door cables that have moved off drums unless you’re a certified garage door repair technician. Below are some possible reasons for your cables to slip off drums.

On the garage doors with one torsion spring only, a broken spring can removes tension on cables. This will generally make the garage door to slam on ground unwinding the garage door cables. As torsion springs break down at nearly 10,000 cycles, it’s one among the most recurrent causes of cables going off drums. Try to have 2 torsion springs installed always on every door. In case, one spring breaks down, other spring can easily support the garage door until it is repaired by an expert garage door repair technician. This removes the possibility of garage door getting damaged from aggressively slamming to ground.

Installing incorrect torsion spring on your garage door can even cause the cable to slip off drums. If springs are very powerful based on the door weight and size, cables will loosen and pop off drums. If the springs are not strong enough, then the garage door will be solid at bottom and weak on the top causing cables to loosen when the garage door is open. The back-wound springs also will make cables to slip. In addition, applying tension to springs in wrong direction during their installation will also throw the cables.

The most frequent user error for cables to go off drums is setting the garage door on something. Many times, bumper of an automobile or chair might stick over the door opening without even triggering the photo eyes safety reverse features. When this occurs, the weight of door is distributed unevenly, leaving slack in cable on one side. Always ensure that no object is there in the door’s opening before trying to close your garage door ever.

Frayed and rusted cables are quite prone to breaking down in half over long term. Always ensure that you use the right diameter of cables for the whole weight of the garage door that you plan out to install. The residential doors work great with 1/8 inch diameter cable, but the heavier doors more than 500 lbs may need 3/16″ or 5/32″ cable. Inspect the cables yearly, replacing any which look rusted or frayed. Make sure that the cables don’t rub against other items during operation and ensure that they are always sized correctly.

What To Do When Your Garage Door Does Not Close?


Is your garage door not closing? What to do now? You press remote control or wall mount button and nothing takes place – or the garage door goes down some inches and then reverses right back. This is one among the most popular garage door related issues encountered by the homeowners. Prior to you hit on panic button, you can perform some troubleshooting yourself before contacting a professional garage door repair service technician. Below are some of them.

The photo eye is mounted 4 to 6 inch off the floor onto the bottom left and right hand side of the garage door on or near the vertical tracks. There’s a receiving eye and a sending eye, identified with green or red glow indicator light. The sensors should be pointed at each other directly without obstruction for proper signal. Pets, children, garbage cans and lawn mowers can simply knock the photo eyes sensors out of adjustments. Holding the wall button down can over-ride your security reverse feature, but the remote control won’t close the garage door.

 Alignment – The safety sensors must point at one another and glow lights must NOT blink.
 Wiring – Photo eyes wire should be connected properly and checked for stapled or loose wiring.
 Clean Lens – Dust and other garbage must be cleaned off lens covers of every device.
 Sunlight – The direct sunlight at shallow angle can easily blind the safety sensor – block sunlight with a cardboard cutout.
 Circuit Board – If everything else fails down, replace damaged or old logic board.

Most of the garage door openers possess a lock out feature or vacation button. Disengage this button to see if door will close or not. Often this aspect is enabled accidentally since it’s generally next to light button and the other operational buttons. Ensure that you haven’t hit this button accidentally by checking out the display screen or simply pressing the button in order to observe if it is disabled. The away/ vacation mode button locks garage door so no one can enter when you’re away. Unluckily, it may even lock you outside your garage if it’s not disabled.

Limit and force sensitivity settings are generally located on back of motor which hangs from ceiling. Using step-ladder, find travel and force controls. Often times they are in form of dial from 1 – 7. Consult the owner’s manual always for proper programming and location instructions. Adjust travel and force in small increment of 1 or 2 positions, testing door occasionally. Never crank the dial in one direction only – doing so can damage the top door section or garage door opener.

Having to alter the force on garage door opener tends to be a good sign of underlying problems. Tracks can be misaligned, drums could slip and the rollers can grab on track around radius – all making your opener to overburden itself. Many times, torsion springs can weaken over time as well as the motor can have to work harder in lifting garage door. It puts lots of stress on the door and can hurt the internal components such as the sprocket assembly and gear.